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auto paw SKU: 5419005 Barcode: 8683255419005

Ürün Adı : Fix Pro

Araç Türü : Suv

Marka : Subaru

Model : İmpreza

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Toros Pro 4 Lockable Aluminium Roof bars for cars with standard roof for Subaru Impreza WRX Premium 2008-2014
The Toros Pro 4 steel roof racks are for cars without a roof railing and, due to their unique design, can be mounted quickly and easily on the roof of your car.

They fit onto vehicles with NO factory fitted roof rails. These roof bars come with the correct fixings kit for your vehicle.

Foot installs easily onto vehicles without pre-existing roof rack attachment points
Quick assembly and install with click-in mounting brackets. No additional tools required
It is a Toros Pro 4 luggage system with special air travel cross bars and improved plastic supports. This roof rack is designed to be mounted on the roof of a car with anchoring for entrances.

  • The fuselage consists of two 82mm wide aerodynamic wing cross members made of high-strength and lightweight aluminum-based alloy. The exclusive patented design of Toros Pro 4 aero-travel connecting rods will bring you aesthetic pleasure.It is the best choice for those who love their car.
  • And the aerodynamic arrangement of the patented wing-shaped Toros Pro 4 crossbars makes driving with them the quietest and most comfortable.
  • In addition, the special Toros Pro 4 aero-travel cross member rotary plugs are self-tapping into the aluminum profile and are virtually impossible to get lost.

Modern Toros Pro 4 plastic luggage rack supports are made of high-strength glass-filled polyamide that can withstand significant overloads in ambient temperatures from -50 to + 50 ° C.
The special design of modern Toros Pro 4 rack mounts ensures that the rack is securely mounted on the strongest parts of the vehicle body at the edge of the roof. Toros Pro 4 metal roof rack adapters are made of high-strength galvanized tool steel and covered with a special, innovative soft compound.
No additional spacers are required to attach the Toros Pro 4 roof rack to the roof of the vehicle. The innovative soft shell of the Toros Pro 4 steel adapters ensures that the roof rack is securely fixed to the roof of the car, ensuring that the paint is completely intact.
Modern Toros Pro 4 rubber pads for attaching plastic supports to the car roof are made of a soft yet durable material that adheres reliably to the car roof and does not leave traces on the body paint.
And the patented rubber bumper anthers significantly reduce the possibility of dust getting under the pads during trunk operation. Each of the 3 Toros Pro 4 luggage system's plastic supports can be locked with a key that securely protects the luggage compartment against unauthorized removal

  • Also, this rack is a reliable support for attaching any additional accessories to carry cargo on it, namely: cargo boxes, cargo baskets, special mounts for carrying bicycles and skis. These accessories can be easily attached to the Toros Pro 4 luggage carrier by gripping and clamping cross bars or using a special T. nest above the crossbars.
  • The maximum load allowed in the trunk is 120 kg.
  • Average body weight is 4.8 kg.
  • The roof rack comes in three boxes: Basic set 3 Toros Pro 4. Weight 1 kg.
  • Box dimensions: 230x206x100mm
  • Adapter set 3 Toros Pro 4. Average weight 1.3 kg.,
  • Box dimensions: 270x150x65mm
  • Belt kit aero-travel (82mm) Toros Pro 4 1.2m. Weight 2.5 kg.
  • Box dimensions: 1200x100x65mm​​​