Hyundai i20 2014-2020 Ara Atkısı Tavan Taşıyıcı Sistemleri Siyah


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auto paw SKU: 54191731 Barcode: 86832554191732

Ürün Adı : Pro 4

Araç Türü : Hatcback

Marka : Hyundai

Model : İ20

Yıl :2014-2020

Araç Boyu :




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to fit Hyundai i20 Roof Rack & Cross Bars 

2014-2020 Black

Fix Point Roof Premium Series

These roof bars will fit vehicle Fix Roof. If your vehicle is the model with Raised Roof rails, this is the right bar set.


It is mounted very solidly with metal locking devices.

This complete roof rack system includes four easy-to-install load carrier legs and two Wing Pro load bars
It comes with a brand new roof system, everything you need to fix to your car.
Roof bars are attached to the vehicle by a locking system that attaches to the vehicle's existing Flush roof rails and comes with full locks or keys (2-psc keys).
Installation is simple and can be easily assembled by yourself. There is no need to cut.

No drilling is required for installation.
Perfect fits for the installation of Camping Gear, Luggage, Fishing Poles, Bikes, Snowboards, Canoes and other rooftop accessories


  1. Locked anti-theft.Anti-scratch finish and rubber protection feet
  2. -T-Track system for mounting most accessories.
  3. Attach directly to stock vertical bars, no drilling or cutting required.
  4. Any roof accessory such as cargo basket carrier, roof box, luggage box and bicycle rack will be allowed to be mounted on the vehicle roof.
  5. Easy Installation, Max.15 minute.
  6. Extremely low wind friction, Effective in reducing the wind noise,
  7. High Quality T-Shape Aluminum Profile Structure.

What you get in the parcel:

  • 2 x Pro Roof Bar made of quality aluminum profile
  • 4 x Mounting Kits complete with non-slip rubber seals
  • 1 x Full Instruction Set
  • 2 x Lock Keys
  • Boxed - specially cut and pre-made for quick assembly.